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 SnaPatch connects and interacts with Microsoft''s System Centre Configuration Manager SCCM , VMware''s ESX and now also Microsoft''s HyperV. By bridging all of these platforms it allows us to remove the inherent risk associated with patching and updating servers. This is achieved by automatically taking snapshots of the virtual server prior to deploying any patches. This ability gives you a reliable and fast roll back if any of those updates cause an issue to your virtual machines. SnaPatch also connects to your SCCM SQL database to pull vasts amount of information to provide you with the clearest and most up to date picture of your environment. SCCM is a fantastic tool for deploying updates to your Windows fleet, however, it relies on companies and system administrators to have dedicated test environments to determine the possibility of a patch having a detrimental effect on any particular server or application. Even if the patch doesn''t cause any issues within a test environment, that doesn''t necessarily mean it won''t cause an issue in production. The safest and easiest way to remove this risk is to take a snapshot of the virtual server before deploying updates. However, this is quite a time consuming and arduous task. It requires timing and dedicated resources typically working late at night. It also means having to keep track of any snapshots and ensuring they are deleted, which often doesn''t happen. SnaPatch removes all of these issues. Everything is automated and scheduled, and runs according to your preferences. Below is a quick walk through of the steps to create a patch schedule.
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