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 HeLux Operator is a reliable and convenient tool for operations with files. The program represents the file manager works by principle Drag and Drop. This file manager you with ease can: 1) Sort any files and folders on any categories. 2) Move not limited quantity of the information on not limited quantity of data carriers. 3) Move or copy files and folders on local data carriers. 4) Use presets of paths, to not enter the address repeatedly. 5) Clean any quantity of disks from unnecessary files simple their moving on a basket. 6) Delete files and folders in 4 modes. 7) Create, save and load the scripts. 8) Use conditions at copying and moving of files and folders. 9) Create, change, load and save skins of a basket as you want. 10) Look through the detailed report on actions with the Operator. 11) Use automatic operating modes in all file operations. 12) Securely delete the files.
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