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 VeryUtils Hex Editor is the fastest large files optimized binary file editor for Windows platform developed by Utility System Software. Hex Editor is extremely useful for viewing, modifying and analyzing hexadecimal data in extra large files and disks. For example, if you try to search and replace text/hex/decimal/binary data pattern in 1GB - 1TB file (or disc), you''ll simply find no competitors for our product. The most frequent scenario in any competitive hexeditor will be: I''m sitting and waiting but never get the result. VeryUtils Hex Editor is the only binary files editor that processes lengthy operations in large files just in seconds. You''ll never find such performance anywhere else. The easy to use interface offers features such as searching and replacing, exporting, checksums/digests, insertion of byte patterns, a file shredder, concatenation or splitting of files, statistics and much more. VeryUtils Hex Editor software is a great software to Batch Search and Replace keywords in PDF, EXE, DLL, OCX, Library, DAT etc. binary files. Hex Editor Features: ======== - Data inspector - interprets bytes at the current caret position into various datatypes: - binary (bit sequence), integer, floats, time and date, character, GUID and disassembly (x86 and AMD64) - Instant opening regardless of file-size ( larger than 4GB is no problem, if it fits on a disk/drive you can open it ) - Files opened in Hex Editor are shared liberally but safely with other applications - minimal locking with caching to release the file whenever possible - Fast searching: forward, backwards or from beginning - various datatypes: text, hex values, integer, floating point - text search supports UTF-16 Little Endian - search all option - Replace function (fast even for millions of edits) - Disk editor: RAW reading and writing of disks and drives - useful information like hardware id, size, or drive type for unambigious disk selection
 https://veryutils.comLast Updated on 11/20/2019 7:54:00 AM
 DownloadVersion 2.1
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