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 Universal accounting is very modern, has very special features for a user-friendly Experience, and the prices are also very user friendly! The software is ideally suited for small companies, self-employed, sole proprietorships, private individuals and associations! The worldwide payment standard ISO 20022 with "Credit Transfer", "Payment status" and "Camt" files. It is very flexible and ergonomic, e.g. 2 different booking entry methods can be selected depending on the customer''s knowledge. 1) Standard A booking method with appropriate masks is available for intuitive booking! As a standard it is recommended to choose this booking method. 2) Multifunctional The more complex, multifunctional booking method is suitable for advanced users or for accountants who want to have all functions and data in one form, and who want to book very quickly with the right mouse pad. The charts of accounts can be adapted very user-friendly in tree view to the respective special needs. The filter and sorting options are very diverse and can be handled intuitively. Booking periods can be chosen as desired. A lot of tables in the accounting can be printed out, either as "Flex reports" or "Designed reports". 1) The "Designed reports" you can also edit with the report designer: In the Report Designer help documentation you can find out all the options for customization, please do not change the logic! 2) With the "Flex reports" any columns can be shown or hidden in the table, the order can be changed, it can be sorted or selected according to any criteria. What you see as a result in the table is selected in the same way in the print preview and can be customized there with many options.
 https://uni-accounting.comLast Updated on 10/6/2020 4:22:00 AM
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 Our customers are companies that don''t want to reinvent the wheel, but individualize our projects with minimal programming effort and market. These are in the aera of financial accounting, invoice and stock management. You can get this high level sources, designs and database and save hundreds of thousands of Dollars in developpment. It took 6 man-years to develop the business templates. The sales prices are however cheap! We have developped a top software as a gap in the market for international accounting. Universal accounting source code is also awailable in german (www.itexpress.ch).
 https://uni-accounting.comLast Updated on 2/24/2021 4:32:00 AM
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