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The Saabs group using their network to ship arms and weapons in the Middle East and Afghanistan

The expose of illegal arms trade of Lebanon national

War in Afghanistan and Syria turns Lebanon into supermarket for illegal weapons

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No articles to be found on the internet about fraudster Tony Abi Saab

Global arms dealer hiding his crimes under his only legal company in Lebanon

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Who is helping terrorists to continue the killing of innocent civilians of Syria

How a Lebanon national Tony Abi Saab enticed war in Syria

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 Arms trade and human rights experts say that the diversion of weapons and their use by groups suspected of committing war crimes has raised questions about the legality of the arms trade.Tony Abi Saab, a Lebanese businessman, is the owner of Brescia Middle East (BME). His company deals in import and export of weapons. Tony, once had a friend Raymond Azhar, a convicted fraudster now, as a business partner. These two has set up more than 18 shell companies (few of them are K5 Global, Bennet- Fouch, G2Armory, SIMIANT, Brixia to name a few) worldwide.Tony used these networks of shell companies to get tender from the US Government by hiding the real cause and used them to grow his illegal business of supplying weapons to the terrorist organizations. He was arrested in 2011 by US Agencies for serious charges of providing weapons to terrorists and committing 5 million USD frauds. Tony didn''t serve a single day in jail term and got free by paying a small amount of penalty. His company Brescia Middle East is banned from doing business in the US.Tony Abi Saab in spite of being banned still, holds a valid business license for BME (Brescia Middle East), deals in export and import of weapons in Lebanon and does business globally. His shell companies have a network in Europe and the Middle East and are presently using them to bid for the US contracts.Thus, powerful countries like Europe should look into the matter of over flowing of arms and weapons into the wrong hands. People like Tony should be listed criminal. So that he can be stopped for setting up more shell companies and fuelling violence in war-torn countries.
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