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 Scan old files with Tesseract OCR Speed and transform your company''s inventory management and record keeping. This bespoke tool enhances your next project without the unnecessary additional resources from off-the-shelf software solutions. Instead of wasting time and money trying to make restrictive programs fit into your project''s API, you get a powerful tool based on open-sourcing without the bugs and errors for your convenience. IronSoftware''s solution to rapidly scanning QR codes and barcodes using images or plain text enhance your project''s features and utility value to the end-user. There are many instances of barcodes being used to modernize inventory management while also providing customers with more in-depth product interactivity. For example, a QR code at a bar could send a user to a fully customized menu of their favorite drinks within an app your team developed for the lounge owner. Tesseract OCR Speed fully supports .NET 5, Core, Standard, Framework, and Azure. It outputs information in plain text, structured data, and searchable content that can be integrated with PDFs and XHTML applications. That elevates the capabilities of all kinds of organizations that need to digitize previous records or information for later use. Think about legal firms, medical facilities, and educational institutions that will benefit from searching through earlier years of cases and user files to pull out valuable insights. The modern consumer wants ease of use. Tesseract OCR Speed removes the need to operate multiple software applications at once. By including this technology into your native application or VB project, you are cutting down on the need for end-users to switch back and forth with competitors'' software. You can learn more about the use case and developer''s notes by visiting https://ironsoftware.com/csharp/ocr/examples/tune-tesseract-for-speed-in-dotnet/. You can also download the NuGent packet at https://ironsoftware.com/csharp/ocr/.
 https://ironsoftware.com/csharp/ocr/examples/tune-tesseract-for-speed-in-dotnet/Last Updated on 8/15/2022 5:31:00 AM
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