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 Refugees. Migrants. Natives. Population. Society Developments brings Honesty, Clarity and Modesty to the most discussed historic topics. In Times of overheating debate, our calculations bring clarity in counting together cost and budget. We target 1% Refugees from biblical advice, and start by spending 10 Euro (or Dollar) a Month. How much budget can we collect as a Nation? How many people can be supplied by this. Two Simulation Models focus on work migration as well as on Refugee supply. You can enter the necessary supply in lodging and rent, food and clothing, teaching, healthcare, bureaucracy and administration. Therefrom we calculate the monthly cost of supply. Over all Migrants we see the yearly cost. In the Refugee simulation, we consider that help may be required for multiple ongoing years. How much budget can we collect from 10 Euro (or Dollar) per Month? - when 100 people share 10 Euro per month, we already collect 1000 Euro for a 1% Migration rate. Too much, you say? - configure all criteria as desired. Full Transparency with ToolTips explaining all Formula in live calculation. Dynamic Applications are traditional desktop calculators that gather no data at all. So you can plan privately and secure. No money is collected or requested, instead clear calculations are given. Dynamic Applications. Transparency. Privacy protection. chance. and Participation. our values. Society Developments. Think self. Decide self. Develop your own scenario, your plan. For all political opinions.
 https://dynamic-applications.orgLast Updated on 2/20/2024 11:00:00 AM
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