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 Pyramid Simulations is a collection of Small Business Simulations around our most basic values - Home and Family, Marriage, Startup, Father, Mother, Children, Youth Welfare, Lawyer, Court, Judge, State Attorney. In 21st century, we take a look at the Patchwork Family. How can you survive a split-up, with 2 Rents to pay, 2 Cars to drive, Lawyers, Judge, and Court fees? - how about charges against Town and Court? Pyramid Simulations - Law and order tries to answer even such complicated issues. A collection of useful Small Business is provided for the modern as well as for the traditional Family. Transparency - All Calculations are fully self explanatory through automated ToolTips, with Formulas and live calculation in numbers.Privacy Protection - no data gathering, no Server behind you. Dynamic Applications are traditional Desktop calculators that collect and transfer no data at all. The free version also allows you to Edit the Top 12 Input and Target Values. Free Promo Codes are hidden on the Website as well as in the Twitter competition. Through these, you can activate Input and Target Value inline editing for the Top 42 elements, for 100 days. After that, all basic functionality remains working, so if you''re willing to live without a few paid Extras, you can use Dynamic Applications free of charge, for a lifetime. All in all, Dynamic Applications is a reliable collection of proven Business Models, fully verifyable and brought on your desktop in the most easy form: a traditional Desktop Client. Simplicity, Beauty, Ergonomy and Reduction.
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