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 With the new OnBarcode2D Technical Group alternative from the expert development team at IronSoftware, you get a simplified utility for scanning, creating, and editing barcode and QR code technology. This brings a wealth of versatility to project build by allowing end users to digitize, organize, and track valuable information and inventory throughout any industry. The OnBarcode generator alternative allows you to quickly scan source data in text, images, barcodes, QR codes, PDFs, and more. It automates and reduces the need for many expanded services by unifying them into easy-to-read resources, databases, shipping manifests, customer service features, inventory, and more. All input data can be output into structured/unstructured data, plain text, or searchable PDF documents. You can learn more about these features at https://ironsoftware.com/csharp/barcode/blog/compare-to-other-components/onbarcode-generator-alternatives/ . Given all the end-user efficiency you are creating, you would expect high upfront costs. On the contrary, the OnBarcode alternative is free to use while you are working through project development. There are no restrictive subscription fees, as you would find with Microsoft Azure OCR. Instead, you only pay for a license when you have reached full project deployment. This also saves your team time because this enhancement has been verified by the team at IronSoftware. You won''t have to spend weeks trying to work through errors found in untested open-source solutions. With support for over 125 international languages and an easy-to-manage format, the OnBarcode alternative from IronSoftware is a clear benefit to your project outcome. Download a copy of this new utility at https://www.nuget.org/packages/BarCode/ and give your end users a massive improvement in their barcode generation and use.
 https://ironsoftware.com/csharp/barcode/blog/compare-to-other-components/onbarcode-generator-alternatives/Last Updated on 3/24/2023 6:24:00 AM
 DownloadVersion 2023.3.2
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