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 Using morphmail free email marketer, you will be able to send unlimited bulk emails for free for lifetime. You can use multiple gmail accounts in rotation as smtp or use any other smtp servers like amazon ses or sendgrid. 500 free email templates included. Other features includes automated bounce processing, unsubscription handling, blacklists, multi-lingual editor, delivery tracking portal, scheduled sending, spam score checker, google analytics, social media integration and sharing, multi threaded high speed delivery engine etc. Spamscore checker and schedule messages You can remove spam keywords from your content using spam score checker and make your emails go straight to your customer''s inbox. Everyone can schedule your mailing so that it will be automatically sent at a given day and time or every day at a particular time. Process bounces & unsubscribers automatically Software will automatically process the unsubscriptions via email and built-in web based scripts. Subscriptions are also processed automatically via email and web based forms. Unlimited Lists & Recipients You no longer be on the mercy of the subscription based email marketing services which restricts the number of recipients to which you can send email. MorphyMail allows you to send to unlimited recipients by creating unlimited lists. View stats to improve you campaigns MorphyMail and Google Analytics let you know if, after reading emails, your customers purchase your products, subscribe to your website or meet the goals you set in your Google Analytics account. We also give for free, our email delivery tracking service via free web portal to track opens, clicks and geolocations of your recipients with functionality to export them to ms excel. Free Amazon SMTP Server - 100% Inbox Delivery We do free amazon smtp server setup for every pro version users to get 100% inbox delivery guaranteed. Users can send maximum 50K emails every day. Multiple SMTPs in rotation
 https://www.morphymail.comLast Updated on 11/16/2019 12:27:00 AM
 DownloadVersion 3.2
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