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 Reverse Computing (RC) is an elusive and almost alien computing concept since it defines a fully reversible, lose-less, zero energy consumption classical and quantum computing device. RC has been hailed as a next generation platform that circumvents the limitation of Moore''s law, enables low cost quantum computing and spawns a multitude of innovative new technologies and applications. RC as per its terminology, is facilitated by implementation of specialised Reversible Gates (RG) that can persevere states of input and output for an undefined period of time. RG maintains similar thermodynamic and information entropy or simply put, does not loose information or generate heat. Heat generation is a major stumbling block to enhance processor speeds as heat melts silicon. As per Moore''s law, a microprocessors transistor density doubles every 24 months achieved by packing more transistors in a finite amount of space. The higher the transistor density, the higher the heat produced. The density reaches a critical point where packing more transistors does not yield a higher processing throughput. This bottleneck is the limitation of Moore''s law which, in theory, can be resolved by RG as they do not generate heat during processing. Hence, RG and RC are all slated to be a silver bullet to resolve processor manufacturing problems, enable high speed quantum computing and generate major breakthroughs in computing and sciences. However, we will empirically confirm that both RG and RC are grossly misunderstood, misinterpreted and incorrectly applied to classical and quantum computing concepts. In a series of upcoming papers and patents (due for release by mid 2022) we will clarify and argue our position by updating core RC terminology. Furthermore, we will also list updated operability guidelines via real world examples of RC applications. Background
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