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The Saabs group using their network to ship arms and weapons in the Middle East and Afghanistan

The expose of illegal arms trade of Lebanon national

War in Afghanistan and Syria turns Lebanon into supermarket for illegal weapons

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No articles to be found on the internet about fraudster Tony Abi Saab

Global arms dealer hiding his crimes under his only legal company in Lebanon

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Who is helping terrorists to continue the killing of innocent civilians of Syria

How a Lebanon national Tony Abi Saab enticed war in Syria

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 Lists local group membership with group name and user name, listing all users that are members of each group. This free tool allows you to check if user is a member of a local group and get user group membership information instead of running PowerShell, WMI queries or command line utilities (such as "net localgroup list members"). It has a capability to get user group membership, listing all group members and then export group membership to csv. You can also create alerts when Windows group membership changes, such as new user is added to local group or removed from local group.
 https://www.action1.com/f/Free-Local-Group-Membership-ug-39.htmlLast Updated on 9/13/2018 2:57:00 PM
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