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Shady arms dealer Tony Abi Saab roams free and stronger than ever

US Army failed to prosecute Tony Abi Saab in a Military court which could have set a global precedence for corrupt contractors

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Tony Abi Saab travels about the world without a care in the world and conducts his shady businesses

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 It is an open secret that the US Central Intelligence played an active role in arming and training fundamentalists during the cold war era using them against the Soviet Union. But now when Islamic fundamentalist groups like ISIS and AL-Qaeda has turned their back against the world and its peace. United Nation and NATO have been trying their best to keep them under control but there are many obstacles. One major hurdle is illegal arms dealers who supply weapons to these terror groups.One such notorious Arms Dealers is Tony Abi Saab of Lebanon who is the owner of SIMAINT and shell companies such as K5 Global, SIMAINT etc, which supplies weapons to rival groups and is able to travel freely in EU and do shady business.Tony siphoned USD 5 Million from the US Army without delivering on the contract and supplied weapons to the terrorists for the sake of business profit in the Middle East. His company Brescia Middle East (BME) was indicted by the US Army for money laundering and Tony was flown to the US court to undergo a trial. He was found guilty but walked away without any jail term due to a technicality in the circuit court. Tony continues to do business via shell companies and supplies weapons to all sides at Syria.Tony outsmarted the global fraud database by diverting his case to a Civil court instead of a US Criminal court. He successfully bargained his hearing to just a bribery case instead of a weapon supplier to rebel groups.The EU does not sync the database with civil convicted criminals in the US and Tony does not show up on the radar during border checks and visa issuance. EU border controls need to update policy to include Civil cases in their border checks and visa issuance for serious crimes, including weapons-related cases. Tony Abi Saab has shell companies in Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey, Georgia, and Serbia to initiate his purchases.
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