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 Freeware kids birthday card software allows users to create personalized and colorful birthday cards with the ability to add a photo, text, icon, and personal message. Program provides birthday party details feature, which helps in mentioning invitation details like venue, date, and time, as well as some additional information on the birthday invitation card. Software also provides few predefined titles and messages, which the user directly adds to the cards. Free Program provides the option to add a photo to invitation card either using the library option or browsing an image which is saved on the users Pc. Birthday party invitation card maker has many tools, shapes, designs, styles, templates, effects, and backgrounds that help in creating attractive invitation cards. Users can change card size, image, text, card shape, background, and card border using card properties option. User can set page properties, card size and spacing, margin between cards, page margins, Alignment for printing multiple designed birthday cards. User can also see print preview of designed invitation cards using preview option. Freeware Kids Birthday Party Invitation Card Maker Software Features: * Export designed invitation card in PDF or in different image format including PNG, JPEG, BMP, etc. * Send designed invitation cards to the specified email address using e-mail Setting feature. * Provide advanced print settings to print designed birthday cards with higher quality. * Software has lock or unlock feature for controlling the text properties. * Provide advanced image designing objects including star, line, text, rectangle, picture, triangle etc. * Software has image cropping tool to crop a single or multiple images at a time. * Option to change the height and width of the card according to user requirement. * Import values from excel or text files to easily design multiple greeting cards
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