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 Personalised Business Card Maker Application provides effective solution to add photos or text as per company needs and requirements. Business card image creator tool generates multiple copies of business detail cards with different text value using random, sequential, constant value series methodology. Software creates Business Cards which hold your business details, such as name, contact details and brand logo and act as a visual extension of your brand or products. User can import Excel data by using import wizard feature. Step 1: Visit barcodemaker.org website and download Business Card Maker Software. Step 2: Launch the software and choose one option among these three options that are Start with Templates, Create Card by using Wizard and Create Card with Blank Format. * After selecting Start with Templates option click OK and select Business type, Card type, size, templates or backgrounds and then click Ok.* On selecting Create Card by using Wizard feature specify the name, size and shape of card and click Next button. Now fill background with solid colour, image or gradient and click next. Fill all the columns in User detail panel to provide information about the user. You can import all details from excel file and click Finish button. * Use Create Card with Blank Format option and provide Card name, size and shape and click finish. Step 3: Use different designing tools like pencil, ellipse, line, text, barcode etc and also use image or colour setting options for further customizations. Step 4: Utilize Batch Processing Series option for creating list of multiple business cards with different text, image and barcode values. Step 5: Save your created business information cards in multiple image formats such as PNG, JPG, ICO, TIFF, GIF, BMP etc. Step 6: Preview and print your business cards by utilizing Print setting option.
 https://barcodemaker.org/barcodemaker/business-card.htmlLast Updated on 8/6/2022 8:20:00 AM
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