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 The EaseFilter Auto File Encryption Library allows Clients to incorporate transparent on-access, per-file encryption into their products. Transparent auto file encryption performs real-time data encryption and decryption of the files in any block data with 16 bytes in memory. The encryption uses a 256 bits symmetric key to encrypt or decrypt the data with AES encryption algorithm. EaseFilter Encryption Filter Driver is a typical Isolation Layer Filter Driver, it can create two views of the access data, one is encrypted from the local storage, so your data is always encrypted in the local disk, the other one is decrypted to the authorized user, for every file open, the filter driver will create an unique memory cache, so the users or processes won''t see the same view of the data if they have different permission. Encryption on the read enables your to automatically encrypt the file on the fly when the specific processes to read your files, the file will be encrypted in memory, the file on disk is not encrypted. Sometime you don''t want to encrypt your files in local, but you do want to encrypt all your files when they were copied out from your computer. For example you want to automatically encrypt your files when the email outlook.exe application sends an email with your attached files, or web browser application uploads your files, or the Windows explorer tries to copy your files out of your computer. EaseFilter Encryption Filter Driver supports AES-NI (or the Intel Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions; AES-NI), at an algorithm level AES-NI provides significant speedup of AES. For non-Parallel modes of AES opeeration (CBC encrypt), AES-NI can provides 2-3 fold gain in performance over a completely software encryption. For parallel modes of AES operation( CBC-decrypt, CTR), AES-NI can provide 10x improvement over a completely software encryption.
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