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 Ankur Srivastava of DSATS has released a Digital solutions for agribusiness that is targeted for research by Universities and Academic Institutions in India. The core features of the platform are: 1. LabCore: Operations management software for data management of growers, dealers, orders, samples & GIS data. 2. Freedom CRM for Agribusinesses: Sales automation software to manage your complete presales & sales processes. 3. Data Analytics: Custom machine learning solutions for bringing predictive analytics to your farming & agribusiness. 4. Digital Marketing: Leverage our digital marketing services to market your products & services to growers. Many testing labs are frequently represented by dealers who have their own client lists and service requirements. Associates is a comprehensive contact management system that allows you and your dealers to maintain information about clients and their farms, fields, and facilities in a secure manner. You can record geospatial information about the location of fields as well as display test results and recommendations on a regular grid or across different management zones. Integration with Google Maps also allows your sampling crew to get exact directions and enables your clients to view operations on their fields or facilities in real time. Your agri products and services can be registered in LabCore along with dealer-specific discount codes, product-specific laboratory protocols, and the analytical parameters. You can offer these products individually or as packages with special pricing.
 https://app-dev-dsats-ankur-srivastava.blogspot.comLast Updated on 1/25/2023 1:58:00 AM
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3/25/2023 7:35:42 PM
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